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Lake Benton

Lake Benton Lake is 2,875 acres in area and is the sixth largest lake in southern Minnesota. It is famous for whopper-sized walleye. It is ranked among the 10 best walleye lakes in Minnesota. Several walleye weighing over 10 pounds have been caught in recent years. Two- and three-pound “marble eyes” are common and many are caught that weigh in at the five- to eight-pound range. Blue gill, sunfish, and crappies are abundant and several trophy-sized have been caught. Many of them weigh over a pound and many have been brought in weighing more than two pounds. There are also northern pike and some largemouth bass. Fishermen who return year after year attest to the fact that Lake Benton Lake is one of southwest Minnesota’s favorite angling spots.

Water skiing is popular in the summer. A lake that is several miles long gives everyone plenty of room without interfering with other activities on the lake.

Lake Benton

Lake Benton, MN, USA


Sporting Type

fishing, ice fishing, water sports

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