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Luverne Loop


The Luverne Loop offers 7.4 miles of trail around the outskirts of the city. By linking to the Blue Mounds Trail, the Loop provides residents and visitors of all ages with a safe, natural place for healthy recreation and transportation that connects areas of interest throughout Luverne and Rock County.

Trail users can access the Loop by parking at the Trailhead or at other public parking places along the route. The trailhead is located at 601 E. Main Street. Parking, public restrooms, water, Wi-Fi, and a bike fix-it station are available at the trailhead. The Loop is a fantastic way for residents and visitors to experience hidden gems within the community. Starting at the trailhead, users can go counter-clockwise around the Loop by heading north on the Blue Mounds Trail past the Luverne Aquatics and Fitness Center and turning west on 131st Street. The section of existing 5-ft wide sidewalk along 131st St. will be replaced with 10-ft wide trail this summer. Heading south on Hwy 75, users have the option to take the spur to the fishing pier at Veterans Pond, or cross Hwy 75 and continue on the Loop.

Along the Loop, users can expect to see the following points of interest:

Sanford Healing Garden
Veterans Pond and Fishing Pier
Tonto Park
Children's Remembrance Garden (under construction)
Breathtaking views of the rolling prairie atop an earthen berm
Luverne Public Schools athletic fields (Prairie View Complex)
Nature Explore Classroom
Poplar Creek
Kolbert Park
The Lake
Blue Mound Ice Arena
The restaurants, shops, and hotels along the I-90 / Hwy 75 commercial corridor
Wildlife habitat and native grasslands
Dybedock Pond
Rock River
Redbird Field

Luverne Loop

601 East Main Street, Luverne, MN, USA


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