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Blue Mounds Trail


The Blue Mounds Hiking and Biking Trail offers 6.0 miles of trail from Main Street Luverne to the Blue Mounds State Park.

Trail users can access the Blue Mounds Trail by:

Parking at the Trailhead at the intersection of Main Street and Blue Mound Avenue
Parking at Blue Mounds State Park via the Main Entrance and accessing the trail from within the Park
Parking at the Cliffline Area along County Hwy 8 (Parking passes available on site).

Along the trail, visitors can see open scenery and agricultural fields as well as a beautiful view of the Blue Mound cliff line. A portion of the trail branches off to the top of a 90-foot cliff line and offers a panoramic view of Luverne.

The Blue Mounds State Park offers an additional 13 miles of easy to moderate hiking trails that lead you over the top of the Mounds through rich and varied prairie-dominated terrain, giving hikers a rare opportunity to experience Minnesota's ever-changing tallgrass prairie.

The Luverne Loop and Blue Mounds Trail are linked via a local sidewalk connection on 131st and Blue Mound Ave.

Blue Mounds Trail

1410 161st St, Luverne, MN, USA


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