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King Turkey Day

Where else can you find race teams herding their star "athletes" (wild racing turkeys) down main street? Witness this fun event during "The Great Gobbler Gallop" as a part of Worthington, Minnesota's very own King Turkey Day Festival! In 1972, 34 years after E.O. Olson made his stop at Cuero Texas, Worthington heard that Cuero staged live turkey race as part of its turkey celebration.
The Worthington King Turkey Day committee was nudged to send a challenge to Texas. In 1972, Cuero sent a turkey and handlers to Worthington, to be pitted against a Worthington bird in what was billed as the "Great Gobbler Gallop." The Worthington bird was called "Paycheck" (nothing goes faster than a paycheck). The Texas bird was Ruby Begonia. The race has been a feature of the turkey celebrations both at Worthington and Cuero for over 30 years.

Event Type

community celebration

Event Date

September 15-16, 2023



Nobles County

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