Arts & Heritage



Community Creations Performing Arts Studio - Slayton, MN

Lil' Sparks for Art - Fulda, MN

Murray County Historical Museum - Slayton, MN

End-O-Line Railroad Park and Museum - Currie, MN

Historic Dinehart-Holt House Museum - Slayton, MN


Pioneer Village - Worthington, MN

Nobles County Art Center - Worthington, MN

Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center - Worthington, MN

The Historic Dayton House - Worthington, MN

Nobles County Historical Society - Worthington, MN


Al Opland Singers - Pipestone, MN

AMP (Arts & Mentoring Program) - Jasper, MN

Calumet Players - Pipestone, MN

Civil War & Spanish-American War Statue - Pipestone, MN

District 3 One Room School House - Pipestone, MN

Edgerton Museum - Edgerton, MN

Fort Pipestone - Pipestone, MN

Historic Concrete Water Tower - Pipestone, MN

Historic Downtown District  - Pipestone, MN

Historic Rock Island Depot - Pipestone, MN

Jasper Museum - Jasper, MN

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers - Pipestone, MN

Masonic Lodge - Pipestone, MN

Meinders Community Library - Pipestone, MN

Pipestone County Courthouse - Pipestone, MN

Pipestone County Museum - Pipestone, MN

Pipestone Gargoyles - Pipestone, MN

Pipestone National Monument - Pipestone, MN

Pipestone Performing Arts Center - Pipestone, MN

The Three Maidens - Pipestone, MN



Brandenburg Gallery, Luverne, MN

Coffey Contemporary Arts - Luverne, MN

Deuschle Studio - Luverne, MN

Grand Prairie Events - Luverne, MN

Green Earth Players - Luverne, MN

Herreid Military Museum - Luverne, MN

Hinkly House - Luverne, MN

Luverne Street Music - Luverne, MN

Palace Theatre - Luverne, MN

Rock County Community Library - Luverne, MN

Rock County Historical Society - Luverne, MN

Hallstrom Glass Studio and Rock River Relics - Luverne, MN

History Center - Luverne, MN